Persian Rugs

Why Persian rugs are so expensive?

In the realm of rugs, Persian rugs remain over all the rest. These are the superior sports cars of the rug industry, and they ordinarily cost in a great many dollars. There are numerous reasons why this kind of area rugs are so costly. Smart Choice Rug Repair and Restoration will assist you to cover understand the basics.

For few, a Persian rug is a family legacy that they may have acquired over a couple of ages. For other people, Persian rugs are an enthusiasm. This is often where some eventual authorities run over their first hindrance – the high cost of authentic Persian rugs. So why precisely do Persian rugs cost far beyond their contemporary counterparts?

Here are 7 reasons why Persian rugs are so expensive:

  1. Artistic Value
  2. Complex Design and Structure
  3. High-Quality Materials
  4. Age
  5. Knotted by Experts
  6. Region of Manufacture
  7. Other Considerations

Artistic Value

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Persian rugs have been in presence for more than 2,500 years. During that time, these rugs have become a sort of art that reflects the Persian culture and history. Credible Persian rugs are hand-made, so everyone is a masterpiece made by a craftsman who uses conventional themes and scenes to express their own culture.

A large number of the designs are curved, which doesn’t fit ordinary, mass-delivered machine weaving on a straight loom. The denser and smaller the knots, the more vivid and distinctive the pattern shows up, giving the consumer a unique bit of home décor. To accomplish this, the weaver goes through hours making each knot by hand, one at a time. This adds to the expense of the rug.

‘’If you’re purchasing a Persian rug, you are purchasing what might be compared to an excellent artwork or a sculpture’’.

Complex Design and Structure

Persian rugs are made of thousands of little knots, all done by hand. Most Persian designs contain curved designs, and curved-design weaving is viewed as substantially harder to accomplish well than basic geometric patterns.

The knotwork is viewed as a specialty that a couple can master. Persuading knots to be thick and lush, while still keeping up the pattern, is a troublesome objective to achieve. The more knots the weaver can get into each square inch, the more clear and more lovely the image will be, so purchasing a rug from a master weaver, who can charge more, implies getting a more excellent rug.

High-Quality Materials

Another explanation that Persian area rugs can be so costly is the nature of the materials used. Persian rugs are commonly produced using normal plant or animal fibers, for example, silk, fleece, cotton, jute, and sisal. These fibers last any longer than synthetic fibers, remain clean simpler, don’t tend to fade, and are ordinarily better for the air quality in the room. In fact, man-made materials like nylon, acrylic, and gooey, have been appeared to build issues with allergies.

Since natural fibers can’t be controlled the manner in which artificial fibers can be, this additionally implies every single Persian rug will be a unique creation. No two rugs can look precisely indistinguishable in light of the fact that the natural fiber will consistently have errors in the shading.


The absolute most beautiful Persian rugs on the planet are antiques that have been in families for ages. Since these pieces are viewed as fine art, the estimation of very much kept up Persian area rug increases many times over as they are valued by craftsmanship authorities and rug enthusiasts all over the world.

Knotted by experts

The knotting method to weave a Persian rug is hard to master. It takes long periods of apprenticeship for these craftsmen to become masters in their field. The smaller and more thickly the knots can be compacted per square inch, the more ornate the design can turn into. Since each authentic Persian rug must be hand-made, the craftsman must be compensated likewise.

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Region of Manufacture

Where your rug originates from is similarly as imperative to its creation with respect to its cost. Persian rugs are fabricated only in towns spread around the Persian region, which restricts the pieces that are made. You might have the option to discover comparative looking rugs at a small amount of the cost but these are not authentic Persian rugs. They would undoubtedly be manufactured in other Oriental districts. The selectiveness that is related to Persian rugs accompanies a cost.

These are only a portion of the numerous components that make up the cost of a Persian rug. What’s essential to know is that the cost is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble when you consider that you can go it down through ages where it will continue acknowledging in value.

Other Considerations

There are a couple of different things that can make one Persian rug more costly than another. For instance, if a Persian rug is much older, but in great condition, this is dealt with more like a rare piece of preserved craftsmanship, and can be exceptionally expensive. The nation the rug originates from is another significant factor in deciding its value. Turkish mats have more value than a Persian rug made in India, for instance.

Finding the ideal Persian area rug is like hunting for a signature masterpiece, so take your time for deciding when you buy rugs online as you explore the market for these amazing home décor items.

The Bottom Line

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