Rugs are woven or knotted entirely by hand from wool or silk fibers, and they have intricate patterns to complement their design. Traditional area rugs, which are often mistaken for genuine Oriental Area Rugs, are mostly rectangular in shape, with a few exceptions. Ovals and octagons are among the various forms that they may be found in. Persian area rugs are often decorated with a center medallion that is framed by an elaborate border. Oriental and Persian area rugs are both suitable for use in formal spaces such as dining rooms, living rooms, and sitting areas, as well as bedrooms.

Cleaning and protecting your flooring is made easier with a rug. It prevents dirt from the outdoors from being tracked inside your home on the shoes of your family and visitors. In addition, the proper rug may improve curb appeal and create an inviting atmosphere for guests.

Different patterns of area rug

1. Border

Border rugs serve very specific functions, such as establishing the division in a large space or providing a strong burst of color to your decor. These are excellent space definers and highlighters, and they may be used to draw attention to certain parts of the house while giving a complimentary contrast to a piece of furniture.

2. Gradient

Gradient rugs are simple, with an emphasis on strictly practical features such as longevity and low (looped) pile, making them simpler to maintain. Long-term bets should be placed on these individuals. Bring these in for your workplace or business flooring, and leave the frowns at home since these Gradient Rugs aren’t going to give them to you.

3. Medallion

Medallion designs, which may be seen on Persian carpets, are among the oldest patterns known to man. These are complex patterns that are repeated in a pattern, and they seem to be a wonderful combination of creative freedom and discipline.

4. Novelty

Novelty designs are a little bit of a surprise-rebel, and they’re perfect for when you want to add a little something extra to a drab area of your house. Fish, dice, a playing card, stars, a chessboard, and a coffee cup are among the items on display. Bring out the creative side of you and watch as the magic unfolds throughout your living room, children’s room, and corridors.

5. Abstract

Abstract designs are created when creative energies are allowed to run wild; these designs have a distinct point of view and are open to many interpretations. It is certain that these designs will inspire you to get your creative juices flowing. Placing these discussion starters in your living room or dining room will allow you to appreciate your “reflective” self.

6. Plush

Plush patterns have a texture that is similar to that of a pet’s fur, and the pile is similar to that of Shag Rugs but is shorter and denser. These rugs have a great level of comfort and durability, as well as beautiful designs and colors. However, at this price range, who can complain? These cheap carpets have a propensity to retain footprints and grime.

7. Oriental

Oriental designs are heavily reliant on textiles and are created with a strong emphasis on durability and practicality. Some people consider Oriental carpets to be equally valuable as Persian rugs, yet for the majority of people, Persian rugs have a special position at the top of the pile. Oriental carpets are manufactured all across Asia.

8. Carved

Rugs with carvings may be of any type as long as they have a pile. Carving is done on a pile to add more texture to a rug pile by shaving ridges along the design lines, which provides an infinite number of pattern choices to select from. As the name implies, the carving is done on a pile to add more texture to a rug pile.

9. Patchwork

 Patchwork Rugs, as the name implies, are a smattering of various colors, patterns, and textures that come together to form unique combinations that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. They are excellent for bringing life to your living room and dining area.

10. Dyed

Over-dyed carpets have a wonderful ability to experiment with color and stand out from more traditional and ordinary patterns. These rugs are often made up of an interplay of various shades of a single hue, with occasional patterns thrown in for good measure, which results in some fascinating effects. Wool is the only material that can be used in this special dying procedure because of its accuracy in retaining color. Each additional piece of artwork is accompanied by a higher price tag, which is well justified.

11. Striped

Striped fabrics are well-known for their ability to transform tiny rooms into the appearance of a bigger space. The appearance of these effects may vary depending on the design and pattern of the stripes. Striped Rugs are available in a broad range of colors and designs, allowing you to add a few distinct and dramatic streaks of color to your house.

12. Geometric

Because the human brain is hard-wired to enjoy symmetry, it’s no surprise that the Geometric patterns, with their beautiful play of lines and forms, capture your attention. They are the fulfillment of a minimalist’s aspirations, bringing individuality and character to the empty spaces in your house.

13. Persian

Persian carpets are considered to be the “seventh heaven” of rugs. They are the most talented and expensive of the world’s skilled weavers – a genuine peak of their trade at the highest price. We always utilize the finest materials to create the finest garments, which is why they are only available in the finest wools and silks. It may take more than a year to produce a single Persian rug.

14. Floral

The very sound of the term ‘Floral’ induces a peculiar feeling of comfort and lightness in the listener. These carpets are inspired by the natural world and are often found with complex flower and leaf patterns that are very difficult to produce due to the wide range of colors used and the free-handed, detailed nature of the designs used in them. These designs are a breath of fresh air, a remembrance of nature in the midst of everything man-made.


Thinking about how each of your home’s rooms is utilized may be useful – and possibly less daunting when attempting to pick on a new rug. Finding the perfect rug should be a joyful and exciting process, rather than a time-consuming and complex one that leaves you feeling frustrated and discouraged.